The Danger Crew

Developer Updates

Update v0.1.22.3

Pushed some updates to the game this afternoon! Here are the release notes:

  • Fixed an exploit in the battles where upgrade bonus turns could keep stacking.
  • Added a reminder popup to non-logged in users that progress is not being saved.
  • Added a warning to mobile users on the Title Screen.
  • Added Twitter handle to the Title Screen: @dangercrewgame


Happy New Year!

Chapters 1 and 2 are ready to play!

Play The Danger Crew

It's Desktop only right now. Chrome is our only officially supported browser at the moment. Don't worry, mobile support is coming eventually.

More chapters will be released in the coming weeks! Hop on our Email List and we'll let you know when more content is available in the game.


How is it already December???

Decided to do a bit of reworking that will inevitably delay the release. Sorry! But I promise it will be worth it. Officially changing our header badge to "Coming Soon".

Some of the changes include a better pixel-art style lettering system and engine improvements across the board. I'll post updated screenshots soon!

We've had really good feedback from some early players and friends that are guiding these changes. If you'd like to be one of those players, just send us a message through the Contact page!


Email List demo

Hey friends. We're mega close to putting out the first slice of the game, but we've still got a lot of editing, testing, performance auditing to do.

If you're interested in playing a pre-production demo of the first few hours of the game, add yourself to the list ---> Email List Signup

We're going to send out the link really soon, but if you can't wait that long hit us up on the Contact page. Spoiler: we're going to ask you for feedback after you play.

Super stoked!


Unlimited Upgrades

One of the new features in the game allows you to apply laptop upgrades to your characters. Sticks of RAM, hard drives, higher quality screens, etc. It's like decking out your laptops with nerdy hardware to be super dev machines. Each upgrade affects your character in a positive way... like boosting your attacks or giving you extra turns if you make certain moves. You collect upgrades throughout the story.

At first I thought it would be more balanced if you had to pre-select three upgrades to take into each battle with you. In the battle, you can have *one* upgrade active at a time. You tick which of the three upgrades you want to be active before you take your turn. That already sounds confusing as I'm typing this out. Glenn pointed out in his first playtest of the feature that it felt like a lot of mental overhead to have to choose only three available assets before every battle. Why limit which upgrades you can use, anyway?

An excellent point! I removed the restriction of three and now you can use ANY UPGRADE YOU WANT during battle. It's way more fun now. Demo coming soon!


Last moments with the Battle 5 Demo

We put out our "Battle 5" demo in late September 2017. How has it been a year already?

Our baby has been through a lot in the past year. We've gotten some great user feedback and made LOTS of changes to the battle system. New UI, new Upgrades, new Supers, new Skins. It's madness, really.

The initial release of 1.0 is coming up in a few weeks here (see previous post) so we'll likely be taking Battle 5 down to funnel people to the new stuff and reduce confusion. It's a bummer, but let's all use this time to get in a few more battles. Maybe we'll publish some end of life stats from our analytics. As always, send me a Battle Invite link on Twitter! @drewconley13

You can play Battle 5 here


We have a new website!

I'm trying to get better about sharing more content between releases. I tend to go in a cave for months on end to work on new things without sharing much to the outside world. That's not a good way to create software. This new site will hopefully help me get better about that.

We're gunning for a late October release of Chapters 1 and 2 right now. The rest of the chapters are *mostly* done, but they need a bunch of QA rigor and some artwork. The plan is to release two new chapters every month.

Excited to share!