The Danger Crew

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This page is an archive to all the stuff we’ve put forward out so far. All the commentary here is from Drew’s perspective:

Battle 5Demo

Battle 5 Demo

The initial battle system was fine for our first demo but it quickly felt stale when trying to extend the game another few hours worth of content. It was one on one all the time. The battles all felt the same. The old battle system was very opinionated to be that way forever, so we ventured into a rewriting a new system. This demo serves to get feedback on the battle system that will power the full version of the game. We also experimented with online multiplayer in this version. Play it with your friends!

Play the Battle 5 Demo

CodePen Radio EpisodePodcast

CodePen Radio

CodePen's podcast was doing a mini series on interesting projects going on within the CodePen community. They had me on the podcast to talk about my experience using CodePen to build early versions of the game and all of the little prototypes. It was an honor for me as CodePen Radio is one of my favorite podcasts!

Listen to the CodePen Radio episode

Overworld DemoDemo

Overworld Demo

We had to take this demo off the website in order to host the new stuff (poor planning on my part) but shoot me a message through the Contact page if you really want to see it.

React Rally PresentationVideo

The Danger Crew at React Rally 2016

I gave a presentation at React Rally, a popular JavaScript conference in Salt Lake City, about getting started building video games in React. I tell the story of Danger Crew being my medium to bridge into game development from my background in traditional web development. A lot has changed in the game since then (the slides make me cringe!!) but I think this talk is useful for others who aspire to build their own games.

Watch the React Rally talk

The First PrototypeDemo

The Danger Crew demo on CodePen

The Danger Crew started as a silly web experiment with me and two friends. We made the first prototype in early 2016 on CodePen. You play as a developer named Jacob. There are two maps and a few hacker themed battles. I had so much fun making this that I commited myself to finshing the idea as a whole game. (I didn't think it would take so long!) Art credit here goes to David Stout. Music credit to Henry Leacock.

Play the Original Demo