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You are a Rockstar Developer

It’s your first day of work as a software engineer at Five Star Belts, the finest belt craftsman company in all of Clayton. Rumors have been circling ever since a mysterious Migration Meeting appeared on the calendars. Is the company in DANGER?

The city of Clayton is obsessed with hacking. Tech star wannabes roam the streets with their laptops out, ready prove to themselves the most powerful programmers in the scene. Hack Battles are the law of the land. Terminal commands fly back and forth from hacker to hacker until all but one laptop battery is depleted. The last developer standing is the winner while all others are subject to deep, cold shame.

Battle your way through Clayton’s corrupt underbelly society of techies. Use your solution-creator skillset to help innocent bystanders solve big problems. Make a name for yourself in the tech scene by building up your Crew of programmer friends and disrupting the industry.

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